You have probably arrived at this page with some trepidation.

Economic situations can change, health may decline and it can become impossible to provide care for your dog. By working with an experienced rescue team, you’re doing the right thing.

To get started we need some information about your dog.We know these questions could be awkward but we are here to help.

Our goal is simple. We want your dog to have a wonderful next chapter. Just the same as you.

You’re not alone, in fact, some of the dogs on our site come from owners. We are working hard to find them great homes.

How do I rehome my dog?

  • 1) Send recent photos and videos of your dog to

  • 2) After sending the photos, complete this Owner Surrender form

  • 3) When we receive the photos and Owner Surrender form we will contact you to discuss your dog. If we feel your dog could be right for our Rescue program, then
  • 4) You and your dog will meet with one of our evaluators.
  • 5) If that goes well we will take your dog into our program and find him or her a good home.