2 weeks ago we were tagged in a post asking for help from a “Trapper”. Someone who had a trap that could help a dog that couldn’t be caught.

There was a dog at a facility, the post was done by an employee of the facility. It was actually his second post about her, his first post was done in late June! No one came to help, animal control was contacted but unsuccessful, Benicia police came out with the same result. Since June we have been told that there are 2 other posts about the community seeing her, until the last post we were finally tagged in. She was sly and she’s very quiet. She had made a home at the facility over the last couple of months. A facility run by all men who had found a place in their hearts for her even giving her the name Rosie Conco. Rosie was fed Monday – Friday by the guys who loved her. They would bring her the night before dinner or an extra steak they cooked for her the night before. She ate better than most humans do. She was shown love when she would allow it. You think “why didn’t they just leash her then” well she wouldn’t allow it. You move too fast and she would back off, she is smart. If you don’t have someone there that catches dogs like we do you don’t always know what to do nor do you want to do the wrong thing get bit and put the dog in jeopardy. So they did what they knew best, a way to a man’s heart is food and dogs are man’s best friend so let’s keep her fed.

When we saw the last post on a Sunday night asking for help, we headed out with a trap and a woman who had tried to help named Lindsey. Lindsey had been in contact with the employee and also had come out to feed Rosie and try and gain her trust. At this time we learned about the original poster, Harvey. Lindsey told us Harvey seemed a little worried, I told her to tell him we were a legit rescue and only here to help. If he wanted to chat with us we would GLADLY speak to him. As we were scanning posts while trap watching we came across a post that said “YEAHHHH HER OWNER HAS BEEN FOUND SHE’S GOING OUT TO GET HER DOG” … it was a photo of Rosie. This concerned us and asked Lindsey if she knew anything about it. She said she did and she wasn’t sure the situation made her uneasy and things didn’t add up so we said ok. We will just work on getting her secure and then we will go from there. 

Rosie approached the trap and was too tall. We truly needed an XL trap but they are SO EXPENSIVE about $1,000 with shipping. This is the 3rd time we have run into this issue. So we knew we needed a plan B.

Monday morning rolled around and early that morning we received a text that said “I don’t know what to do but I don’t think they want us there… their facility was broken into last night”

My heart sank so, of course, we feel horrible for the facility & for Rosie … asked if we could have the supervisor’s number to ensure we clear the air that we were legit and it wasn’t us. That’s when we chatted with Rocco. Rocco asked that one of our volunteers come out and meet him before we try and catch her we of course agreed and headed out.

Our volunteer got there and was greetedby Rocco. Rocco was respectful and sweet. Expressing his concerns and just wanted to make sure “our girl would end up with the right people”. After being robbed by someone who was supposed to be there to get her dog we could understand Roccos concern. Rocco is a man who I wouldn’t want to get on his bad side, he is passionate about his job, his job site, and his guys. He wants to make sure everything is going right and everyone is taken care of including Rosie. Rocco was also Accompanied by the original poster Harvey. Harvey was also concerned about where she was going he did the post wanting to get her help not wanting someone to take advantage of the situation and steal.

He released our volunteer to “do her thing” she went out and tried to gain Rosie’s trust normally this is done by food. Our volunteer was about 3 feet from her noticing she didn’t even open her eyes or lift her head. She got about a foot closer and sat down still Rosie didn’t open her eyes or lift her head. Which worried her, taking to Rosie sweetly she finally opened her eyes and just looked at the volunteer…. She could tell she was tired and possibly not feeling well. She tried to share the warm chicken, Rosie picked it up and spit it out. That’s when one of the men said she didn’t eat her breakfast he brought her and it was Monday morning so she didn’t have food all weekend normally Monday morning she’s a good eater.

Our concerns grew and we knew at that point, we weren’t leaving without her. As she followed Rosie around that’s when a few different workers told the volunteer “you’re going to do right by my girl right” “you’re going to be nice to her that’s our girl around her” “she’s going to get a good home right”. Again we could tell she was loved.

The volunteer called Rocco and told him the bad news. The worry and concern in his voice were indescribable. He said “I’m on my way”, jumped in a truck, and was back with the volunteer within minutes. He said what do we do, she can’t be sick, she has to be ok.

They brainstormed a plan. Rocco said I’m the boss I need to just try and get her. Rosie saw us talking and looked at me the volunteer and let out 1 bark. Kinda like stop talking to my boys and leave, lady. As we approached her laying down she started to get up and come towards us. I handed my slip lead to Rocco and taught him how to use it. Again she was mad we were talking, gave me (the volunteer) 2 barks and she watched me. She knew I was there for something and she wasn’t having it. I was in her home. As she watched me Rocco was able to walk right by her and slip the lead on her. We had her. I ran and grabbed my car and we were able to load her up with the help of one of her other favorite men in the yard.

Within a minute or so Rosie began to vomit multiple times. We knew something was wrong. We contacted animal services they had a vet on staff so we sent her in to see the vet and get her stray hold started. At the shelter, she made friends with the man who cared for her. Go figure. She’s a man’s dog, doesn’t surprise us.

After the stray hold, she has come into our program she and her foster sister have made friends still getting used to foster mom but it’s all a work in progress.

Rosie is described as a social butterfly that loves the dog park and dog friends of all sizes! So a dog sibling is a must. She has had a lot taken from her in life so she’s not fond when her siblings steal her toys or treats. She has high prey drive, squirrels are always on her radar she could chase them for hours with not a care in the world. She’s not treat motivated so learning how she wants to be trained is a work in progress but starting to catch on and learn from her foster sister. Likely having no leash exposure she learning that it’s ok and to relax and go potty on the walks is happening more and more. It’s beautiful to see her grow and get comfortable. She knows her family is her pack and looks to them for guidance. She is learning how to show affection with no jumping. She’s gentle with kids I think she knows they are little. Crate training is a work in progress But coming along. She’s had no accidents in the house and is seeing her sister go to the door telling her, oh wait I should do that too!